Second Phone Number - 2Number

Private line for text & calls

The app adds flexibility: you don’t have to buy additional SIM cards and swap them if you want to use another number. You can start using Second Phone Number right now with your first number. You can keep this number as long as you like and add more minutes and SMS/MMS to your number balance.
Features 2nd Phone Number
  • Send SMS and view message history
  • Send MMS (available for US and Canadian numbers)
  • Forward calls to Voicemail (available for US numbers)
  • Send SMS and view text message history
  • Choose a number from the list of available numbers
  • Access your contacts list and synchronize it with the app
  • Create and manage contacts in the app
  • Identify your numbers and find them easily using the Name Number feature
  • Add number with just a few taps and delete it if you don’t need it anymore
  • Make international calls
  • Business Hours - get incoming calls within the time period you select.
How It Works
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Second Phone Number protect my privacy?

The Second Phone Number app provides you with an additional phone number when you don’t want to expose your real number, like when making business calls, buying or selling things on the Internet, hosting apartments, etc.

Protect the personal number you use to keep in touch with your family and friends. Let Second Phone Number maintain your business communications, and avoid changing the phone number in the future.

Which countries can I buy a phone number from?

You can get a new phone number from any country on the list. It doesn’t matter what country you currently live in.

Available countries: USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Belgium, Netherlands, Israel, United Kingdom, Estonia, Australia.

How much do calls and messages cost?

You can check the cost of a call or message to a particular country on the Tariffs screen in the app. We maintain the lowest rates possible for international calls, SMS, and MMS. The voicemail function comes free with the subscription.

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